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Choose the Sex of Your Next Child

You Can Assure with High Probability that Your Next Pregnancy Results in a Baby Boy or girl, which ever you choose

It has never been easier to chose the gender of the child that you are planning to conceive. Today's medical knowledge has resulted in a good understanding of the biological mechanisms that are the influencing factors that determine what the sex of a baby is at conception. To have a boy or a girl can be highly influenced if you know what conditions to set up in the process of getting pregnant.  Gender selection can be achieved with a very high probability of success.

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Any couple Can Conceive a Baby Boy or if you choose a Baby Girl by using this 100% Natural, Extremely Effective (almost 95% Rate of Success) and very Simple Gender Selection program....

There are many things that can be done to increase the odds of conceiving one sex over the other but science and research has determined that there are three Easy Steps that are the Most Influential to Successfully select the gender of a baby at the time of conception. These methods can be used by anyone, regardless of where you live and what are your living or eating habits. These steps work regardless of the male or female medical condition, of course you must be capable of conceiving, these methods do not necessarily increase the chances of pregnancy but merely what gender is conceived when conception takes place.

sperm cell attaching to female ovum moment of conception

The compilation of information in this book is based on the confirmed result of research from the most successful of the modern and not so modern methods used in the past such as the Shettles Method, the Ericcson Method, Dr. Jonas' Method, and the Microsorting Method. All are based on actual biological findings of the various properties of the sperm cells both male and female and the environment of the female reproductive system.

What determines the sex of a baby is the type of sperm cell that finds the female egg first. Male sperm and female sperm cells are very different in a number of ways. These differences are what needs to be taken advantage of to assure that conditions are the most favorable for the ones that you are trying to be the one to fertilize your egg.

Gender Selection

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You can determine the sex of your next child using natural methods, without drugs, any laboratory separation or any other medical procedures.  All you need to do is to create an environment that is the most favorable to the particular sperm that you want to fertilize your egg be it the male or female. By doing this you can significantly increase the odds on conceiving the child of your choice.